How your property is presented online and marketed can make a difference in the OFFER you receive. Please call we would love to answer any of your questions.

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4k Drone Tours

Well… why?  Not only one of the hottest tools to help sell homes… it’s just darn cool!

Property Websites

A separate website will increase search engine optimization; to make your property found easier and by more people in Google.

Social Media

Let’s face it… love it or hate it Facebook and others have developed into the most powerful advertising tool since television.  See property, like property, share property;  it’s the new way and it’s here to stay.

Professional Photography

With almost 9 out of 10 properties being found via the internet; it’s a must your photos get noticed.

Virtual Video Tours

Websites like and take nearly 5 billion hits a day – that’s a lot of buyers!! Alto to not that we use Internet “keywords” on your video tags that Google picks up and increases the change of your listing being found by buyers.

More Information

Property Preparedness

Expert advise to get your property ready to sell.  Google “real estate tips” and almost every article you will find will explain…  to effectively sell your home; you should increase curb appeal, declutter, depersonalize and repaint with neutral tones.  Why is this?  “Because buyers don’t want to buy YOUR home… they want to buy a home and make it THEIR own.”

Homeowner Reports

Don’t just take our word for it?  We give you detailed reports and analytics so you can gauge our performance.  

The tools we use make sure your listing is listed in the top Real Estate Websites nationwide and also let you know where your property is being viewed more often – what websites are working for you and what are not.  Because remember “liars can figure… but figures don’t lie.”

MLS Submission

Yes… the Helena MLS or Multi Listing Service is still the most powerful tool for Realtors today.  Todays MLS is plugged directly into the Internet and it’s how  your listing is found on all the local and national-based websites.